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Blocker Wallet

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A single card protects all the others, as simple as a conventional credit card.
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Wallet in various colors with RFID blocking technology.
Move quietly and safely with her.
Super resistant.
Large capacity.
Pocket size.
Javier Fernandez

Barata y encima ya no me roban con la maquinita esa! Genial!


Beautiful design! Useful gadget.


Cadeau pour mon père et grand-père.


The perfect and easy wallet!!

Blocker Wallet, the ultimate defence against digital pickpocketing

Nowadays, carrying out banking transactions is easier than ever before. You’ve most likely already tried out contactless cards, which allow you to make payments by simply placing the card close to a NFC reader. While it’s clear that technology makes life easier for us, thieves tend to complicate it.

Recently, there has been a lot of unsettling news surrounding these cards, seeing how someone can quickly brush past you and leave you without a penny. It’s as simple as that, someone can steal up to 100 euros from you without you even realizing, since the cyber-thief steals small amounts that can often go unnoticed.

A threat in the making

Enjoying your holidays or your day-to-day life should be something that’s sacred, but with these modern thieves, a serious problem has arisen. When it comes time to perform the theft, they use a device called a contactless reader. It’s easy to miss, looking almost like a smartphone, and all they have to do is get close to the victim to achieve their goal. 

These cards don’t need a PIN number to complete the transaction, hence the ease of theft. Your identity will also be in danger. We all like to lead quiet and peaceful lives, without distress and having to worry about being robbed at the drop of a hat.  

You’ve probably wondered if there is a solution. Luckily, there is.

Signal Red, the ultimate protection

The simple and definitive way of defending yourself against these 21st-century thieves could not be any simpler. While they have access to sophisticated devices,Your protection lies in a simple wallet, but not just any old wallet. One that’s powered by E-Field technology, it manages to block RFID signals from being transmitted from the contactless readers to your card. Any signal that is detected within the vicinity will activate the E-Field and inhibit the RFID signal, while also taking advantage of the energy from the thief’s device.

A gesture as simple as carrying this wallet will prevent theft and all your personal information will be safe. Having restored security in our pockets, we can plan to go on holiday to wherever we’d like. No one can steal money from our contactless cards, and the defence couldn’t be simpler.

Main advantages: 

  1. Effectiveness is guaranteed. A simple wallet can protect all your cards from any danger thanks to the E-Field technology. There will be no need for tricks or double cards, all you need is this wallet.

  2. This is a compact device, the size of a wallet or even smaller than a conventional one. It fits perfectly in any bag or pocket, so saving space is guaranteed. There is no need to worry about it bulging and looking suspicious and alerting others to its presence.

  3. It’s an infallible system that blocks the thief’s dangerous signal without any harmful effects and without the need to resort to batteries for it to work. Moreover, part of the energy from the thief’s contactless reader will be used for it to operate.

  4. The protection of personal data and bank accounts is 100% guaranteed in a simple way and with no unnecessary complications. It’s as easy as carrying it with you and you’ll be protected.