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Dial Vision

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Our vision, our best ally.
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Dial Vision: The innovative reading glasses with lens effect.
Based on the cutting-edge and revolutionary sliding lens technology.
They can be adjusted not only to see close up, but also to see from afar.
 You can easily and intuitively adjust the lens.  The vision is totally sharp and with clear detail.

The Best Adjustable Eyeglasses For Perfect Vision!

Once we reach the age of 50, even the most perfect vision begins to slowly deteriorate.

At this age, the retina becomes more sensitive, leading us to begin noticing changes in our vision. Mine did, and I depend on my vision and a computer to be able to work!

It became increasingly difficult for me to focus on objects at a certain distance, I would get tired and dizzy all the time. At no time did I think that what was happening to me was caused by a vision problem. If you are one of those people like me who spends hours in front of a computer or TV screen, you must know that eye care is extremely important.

The glasses I had were not enough and I practically had to go to an optician every two months to adjust my prescription. This became very frustrating and very expensive!

What are we talking about?

These glasses are 100% adjustable, so you can calibrate them yourself without stepping foot in an optician’s office. In addition, thanks to their high-quality materials and high resistance to scratches, Dial Vision glasses have been created to last a lifetime.

As a result, these glasses are suitable for both myopia and hyperopia. Since trying them, I carry them as a second pair in my car, so I don't have to adjust my regular glasses when I drive. They are worth the price!

How do Dial Vision adjustable eyeglasses work?

Regarding prescription glasses, Dial Vision is a great innovation. Their lens-sliding technique makes them the first pair of glasses to fit your vision. This state-of-the-art technology is based on the combination of dual lenses, which allow us to adjust our vision with just the simple twist of a dial.

Dial Vision is 2 pairs of glasses (regular and reading) in one frame! Includes 2 parallel lenses for each eye, which can be adjusted with the dial on the side. Just turn it until you find the right prescription for your eyes.

Dial Vision glasses can cover adjustments from -6 diopters for nearsightedness to +3 diopters for farsightedness. Incredible!

Very easy to use!

Step 1: Put on your glasses.
Step 2: Adjust the dial on each side until you reach 20/20 vision.
Step 3: Lastly, enjoy perfect vision thanks to Dial Vision.

Main advantages

  1. It allows the adjustment of your vision from your own home, in an easy and economical way. They can be adjusted not only to see close up, but also to see far away.

  2. Glasses based on innovative sliding lens technology. You can adjust the lens in an easy and intuitive way, you will also get totally clear vision with maximum detail, too.
  3. Unisex design, perfect as a second pair of glasses.

  4. Forget about making an appointment and spending money on eye exams. Adjust your vision in seconds with Dial Vision!

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