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Dial Vision

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Our vision, our best ally.
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Dial Vision: The innovative reading glasses with lens effect.
Based on the cutting-edge and revolutionary sliding lens technology.
They can be adjusted not only to see close up, but also to see from afar.
 You can easily and intuitively adjust the lens.  The vision is totally sharp and with clear detail.

Discover Dial Vision: The innovative reading glasses with lens effect.

How many times have we missed crucial information because we can't read properly? Today's media, such as the newspaper, tablet news or smartphone use some lettering fonts that can be complicated to read. In these cases, it is normal that even flashes appear in the vision or blurred letters that, with the naked eye, you do not perceive. But is there any way to read and understand these readings without having to strain your eyes so much?

Our vision, our best ally

Without the sense of sight, we would feel limited to doing certain activities. And it is clear that every day we surround ourselves with millions of data. Your vision picks them up one by one and starts to defragment them so you can rebuild them in your brain.

But what happens when information does not arrive correctly through sight? In any case, you lose data that can be very valuable.

You look for solutions, but many of them don't usually fit your lifestyle or even your tastes. The solution may be easier than you think.

Special and modern reading glasses

Believe it or not, these are not conventional glasses. They are glasses that can be used for more than just making reading easier; they are very useful for adapting the vision to your needs.

In itself, the special thing is that they can serve as 3D glasses, that help to focus the dioptres to your vision thanks to the hands you have. So, in a way, they are adapted for all kinds of people who want to improve their quality of life and, of course, for those who do not want to miss a single detail of their readings or activities.

The best thing is that they are not only used for reading, but also for outdoor activities. For example, do you like to observe insects in nature? Then, these glasses can act as perfect magnifiers to obtain the maximum detail and resolution of the wonder you are observing. Or, directly, do you like to cook? Then, nothing better than a pair of glasses to see up close how you cut the ingredients into pieces of the right thickness.

Main advantages

  1. Glasses based on state-of-the-art sliding lens technology. They have very flexible temples to adapt to your face. In addition, its mount is very strong, with an iron cover making it difficult to break with any blows to the face.

  2. They can be adjusted not only for near vision, but also for far vision. Thus, they are often used in a multitude of activities such as running, skiing or for a picnic.

  3. You can adjust the lens easily and intuitively. Just cover one eye and adjust the lens by turning the wheels until you feel what you see clearly. Afterwards, you must adjust the other lens. The vision is totally clear and with pure detail.

  4. Glasses suitable for wearing with any outfit. They're a unisex model for men and women. You can take them to be in the office or simply for a walk around the city.

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