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A padlock with a fingerprint
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The digital solution for any security problem.
The padlock with a fingerprint.
Your fingerprint will be your password from now on.
It is made of a high-quality, waterproof material that is resistant to dust and water.

Gekauft für die Handtasche mit Computer.

Karen Dough

Good design and useful operation.

iBlocker: the digital solution to any security problem.

People often keep their things in unsafe places. Be it money, jewelry or simply objects with a sentimental value, we want our objects to be safe no matter what happens.

Anyone can come and open the place where you keep your precious items stored and take them. Whether it is someone you know or a stranger, we often cannot trust ourselves. In addition, many thieves have locksmith skills, so even if you use a lock, your things will still not be safe.

A padlock with a fingerprint

Many people are very clueless and that affects them negatively on a daily basis. Maybe you are one of those people who tends to lose the most necessary keys at the most important times.

It must be painful and frustrating not being able to open what you need right at the worst possible moment. Other people prefer to use padlocks with passwords to avoid these types of problems. Although another problem arises here because you can forget the password and lose your precious objects. Can you imagine not having to deal with these problems every time you need to open a lock?

iBlocker is what you were looking for

This padlock seems as if it were taken from the future and is currently sweeping sales. If you need a padlock that does not use a key, this product is what you were looking for. Your fingerprint will be your password from now on. And nobody will be able to open what you close in a secure and private way.

Everything can be secured with this device, whether they are lockers, bicycles, boxes, chests, etc. With this advanced security system, you will no longer have to worry about anything else. Your fingerprint is the true key for all your important things, and without a doubt this is a concept that seems to be taken from the future.

Main advantages

  1. It can be used to keep any object safe easily, since it is an easy to use and very intuitive device. Following the instructions that you can find in your manual you can both add and remove the fingerprints authorized for unlocking.

  2. It supports up to 10 authorized fingerprints, in case you want to give permission to an acquaintance or relative to unlock the padlock if necessary. It also supports up to 2 administrators so you can choose a trusted person to help you manage the fingerprints authorized on the device.

  3. It is made of a high-quality, waterproof material that is resistant to dust and water. The body is made of an aluminum alloy and the hook is made of stainless steel. This is because this padlock is designed to last under the most adverse conditions without breaking. It can be used even outdoors without problem.

  4. It works being recharged with USB connectors, the ones everyone has at house. It has a 300 mAh lithium battery that can last up to 2 years. It has a great durability, since it can be opened up to 2,500 times, which is a very high amount.

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