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139.98 USD 69.99 USD
The most successful wireless headphones in internet!
Price per quantities
2 o más 59.98 USD/unidad
3 o más 46.65 USD/unidad
Charger included
Usage time: + 180h
Frequency: 20HZ / 20kHz
Reach + 10m (Open Space)
Adam Allan

Price vs Quality great!

Vane H.

Buen servicio. Quiero + colores!


Buena atención para conectarlo


Ich liebe sie

The most successful wireless headphones in internet

The trend is clear; more and more people are walking in the streets with headphones. One of the most sold headphones in our country are from Apple, which have an exorbitant price of over €180. This price is not within the range of many budgets and there are many of us that are not willing to pay this amount.

We have found a solution

We recently discovered a brand that is overshadowing the famous brand in many countries.

They are the iHeadphones. They have an attractive design and are very similar to the most recognised brand. They even surpass the competition in many aspects. The most important thing is that they are  compatible with Android and IOS . Something which previous versions were not.

They are currently only available to buy online.

Main characteristics

  1. Compatibility They can be used both on Android and on IOS.

  2.  Different colours  You will be able to choose whichever one goes with your style.

  3. Long battery life: You will have up to more than 8 hours thanks to its powerful battery.

  4. Better price With characteristics that are similar or superior to the competition, they cost less than half that for AirPods.

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