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Selfie Stick

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The latest technology at the service of your photos.
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The bestselling tripod with remote control for your mobile.
Easy to use, stable and rotates.
Maximum length of 900 mm. Bluetooth connection.
Durable and resistant material. Made of aluminum.

SelfieStick: The Hottest Tripod to Hit the Market.

Isn’t it the worst when you can’t fit the whole group into a selfie? Or, when you’re traveling and then that cheap phone extender you bought off the street breaks in your bag? These are annoying problems that we’ve all faced one time or another. That’s why we made SelfieStick, the afforable, durable and easy-to-use phone tripod.

Take the Perfect Picture Every Time

Everyone wants beautiful pictures. Whether you’re traveling the world or hanging out with your friends, you want to save your memories. But more often than not, it’s pretty difficult to fit everything in a selfie and still get a nice picture. It feels like your arm is never quite long enough to get the picture you wanted. Take the perfect picture every time with SelfieStick, the made-to-last, effortless and adaptable tripod.

Easily lock-in your phone and turn on your bluetooth. Extend and rotate the tripod to get the perfect angle, strike a pose and press on the remote control. SelfieStick’s tripod mount and incredible extension will get you the crystal clear shot you want every time. You’ll never have to settle for cutting off the top of a monument or only getting a part of your friend’s face again!

Revolutionize your Selfies

The main problem with selfies is that they were obviously taken with your arm or a pole extended. You get the same type of picture on your camera roll time after time. SelfieStick has taken sales by storm because of its capability to take a variety of pictures. Since it is a tripod with bluetooth technology, you can get the same range of angles as having a photographer, but without the inconvenience of having to ask someone to take a picture for you. Up your selfie game and get insta-worthy pictures you’ll love.

Do you want amazing photos of your next trip or the next time the family is getting together? Try the steady, yet flexible, high-tech tripod and never have to stretch out your arm for a picture again.

Main Advantages

  1. Not just a pole: the best-selling tripod with remote control that connects to your mobile device.

  2. Design: easy to use, stable and rotatable.

  3. Features: immediate bluetooth connection and a maximum extension length of 900 mm.

  4. Material: durable, shock-resistant and light-weight. Made of Aluminum.