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Smart eWallet

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The wallet that protects you from RFID readers.
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The wallet that protects you from RFID readers and keeps all your cards safe.
 It has a battery with USB connection to charge your mobile anytime and anywhere.
Compact with organizers for each card.  It takes up less space than even a wallet.
Extremely strong and durable material.

Discover Smart eWallet, the ultimate defense against cyber-pickpocketing.

Today it's easier than ever to bank. You've probably already tried contactless cards that allow you to make payments just by placing them on an NFC reader. Of course, this technology makes life easier, but thieves complicate it for us.

Recently there has been a whole sort of mischief involving these cards, that thieves can leave you penniless just by passing you by on the street. Just like that, they can steal up to 100 euros without you noticing, since the cyber-thief usually steals small amounts that can go unnoticed.

A threat in the making

Enjoying vacation or our daily life should be sacred, but with these modern-day thieves a serious problem has emerged. At the time of the theft they have a device called a dataphone. It goes unnoticed, as if it were a regular smartphone, and all it takes is to get close to the victim to achieve their mission.

These cards do not need a PIN number to make a transaction, that is where the easiness of theft lies. In addition, your identity will be at risk. We all like to lead a quiet and peaceful life, without surprises and without being robbed at the first opportunity.

I'm sure you're wondering if there's a solution. Luckily, there is.

Smart eWallet, the ultimate protection

The ultimate defense against these 21st century thieves could not be simpler. While they have sophisticated gadgets, your protection will be a simple wallet, but not just any wallet. Armed with E-Field technology, it manages to suppress the RFID scans made by dataphones on the chip of the cards. Any signal detected in the vicinity will activate the E-Field and inhibit the RFID signal, taking advantage of the energies of the thief's device.

A simple act such as carrying this wallet can prevent theft and all your personal information will be safe. With security restored to our pockets, we can consider going on vacation wherever we want. No one will be able to hack the money from our cards, and the protection is simple.

In addition, it has a battery with USB connection to charge your cell phone anywhere and at any time.

The main advantages

  1. Efficiency is guaranteed. A simple wallet protects all your cards from any danger with E-Field technology. There will be no duplicate cards or tricks, just a wallet.

  2. It's a sleek device, just like a conventional wallet, but smaller. It fits perfectly in any bag or pocket, so saving space is guaranteed. There is no need to worry that it will bulge in a suspicious way that could give away its presence.

  3. It is an unbeatable system that inhibits the thief's signal without any additional problems and without the need for batteries. Even more, part of the power of the thief's dataphone will be taken for the operation.

  4. The protection of personal data and bank accounts is completely assured in a simple way and without unnecessary complications. It's as easy as carrying it and we are protected. No signal will be able to reach your cards.

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