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Seattle, United States

Solar Backpack

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The Backpack that uses solar energy so that you never run out of battery again.

In addition to its attractive design, simple and futuristic at the same time, it offers exclusive features that allow it to stand out from its competition as its reinforced and improved anti-theft design. The Backpack Solar Backpack is built keeping in mind the health of our back. It provides a perfect distribution of weight, breathable materials in the back and everything necessary for comfort in our day to day.
Includes a USB charging port.
Its compartments guarantee the safety of the content of the backpack and also allow you to order all your accessories easily.
Endless pockets - Well-protected interior compartments including one for laptop, outside pockets and even hidden compartments ...

Luis A.

Always with batterie.


Solar panel is pretty strong.

Alba P.

Mi novio esta contento con ella y los colores son chulos.

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