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Vigilator Pro

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Technology for security.
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The importance of home security and peace of mind in your daily life.

We cannot skimp on home security as having our house under control brings us peace of mind in our daily lives and improves quality of life.
As we will see below, it is increasingly important to take all possible precautions that can help keep our homes safe so as to avoid stressful and frightening situations which are completely preventable.

If we can no longer feel at ease in our own homes, where can we? If you have also ever felt frightened at home then keep reading and put an end to those worries once and for all.

 Technology for security

Security and peace of mind in our own homes is absolutely essential for all of us. And with good reason because since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008 burglaries have increased considerably, with ever more creative tactics being adopted by criminals.

Fortunately, technology has also made breakthroughs to offer us the most revolutionary home security systems. It’s no longer enough to only have the traditional security system which uses an alarm to notify the police and your security company that something is happening in your house. Now we can see, and even hear and speak, everything happening in our home when we’re out. This is a great leap forward in home security.

You can keep an eye on your whole house!

Although all these innovative new systems are great news, their high price is less welcome. However, there is no reason to worry as we have the perfect solution for you: the VIGILATOR security system.

VIGILATOR is a security camera that provides you with clear images of your home and the option for two way audio, both to listen and to speak thanks to its integrated state-of-the-art speakers.

What’s more, it’s really east to install! It offers a 3 step configuration process that allows you to see live images on your mobile. This gadget is the latest in home security and saves you costly security expenses.

Quick and easy mobile installation

  1. Watch your house, your children, or your pets easily from anywhere. On your mobile!

  2. Its speakers and microphone make two way communication possible.

  3. View live images of your home on your mobile 24 hours a day.

  4. It features a 355 degree camera which can be operated from your mobile.

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